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* Private One On One Instruction! * We Only Take A Maximum Of 6 Divers At A Time On Our Boat!

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At Happy Fish Divers on Grand Cayman Island, we sail under the twin flags of safety & service – The qualities we believe every Scuba Diver is looking for above and below the water. We aim to make your Grand Cayman Scuba Diving trip great fun with a professional team that lets you relax and enjoy your vacation!  Don't have transportation?  Don't worry!  We will happily pick you up and return you to your hotel anywhere on the West side of Grand Cayman Island from George Town and along Seven Mile Beach.

Our dive boat was designed with your comfort in mind, and with a maximum of only 6 divers. We run our boat with a ‘’one-up, one-down’’ policy where one crew member will happily guide you on your deep and shallow dives while the other stays topside to ensure your safety and help you in and out of the water.

We know the best sites for Grand Cayman Diving; and run our dive trips on the West and North sides of Grand Cayman, wherever the conditions are best throughout the year. We also offer guided NIGHT DIVES at one of Grand Cayman Island's best shore dives - Turtle Reef!  We strive to give you the best Scuba Diving of your trip to Grand Cayman!


Want To Try Scuba?

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Students learning to dive!

Students learning to dive!

Are you starting to wonder what all the fuss is about with scuba diving?
Are you a bit nervous to find out if you're going to like it?
Try a Discover Scuba Course with Happy Fish Divers!!

We will teach you the basics you'll need to dive under the direct supervision of one of our PADI Instructors, where you will

  • Learn about scuba equipment and how easy it is to use

  • Become familiar with some basic safety information and skills

  • Take your first breaths underwater and discover how amazing it is to become part of the underwater world

  • Explore an amazing array of coral and sea life, while quite possibly having the best time of your life

Personal Attention

Our Discover Scuba Courses are catered to your individual needs and are the perfect way to discover if diving is for you!  We keep groups to a maximum of 4 students per Instructor, and if your group is bigger than 4 - we'll bring as many Happy Fish Instructors as needed!  If you're going to try this on your own - we are also more than happy to do this one on one.


If you LOVE it, we will happily apply the cost of the course and the dive time towards your Open Water certification!

If you don't love it, and we are not able to introduce you to the Scuba world, the cost for you is only enough to cover the tank.  We will do whatever we can to ensure you have an amazing dive, but understand that sometimes conditions are not right for success - we want to ensure your Happy Fish experience is a great one regardless.

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