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* Private One On One Instruction! * We Only Take A Maximum Of 6 Divers At A Time On Our Boat!

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At Happy Fish Divers on Grand Cayman Island, we sail under the twin flags of safety & service – The qualities we believe every Scuba Diver is looking for above and below the water. We aim to make your Grand Cayman Scuba Diving trip great fun with a professional team that lets you relax and enjoy your vacation!  Don't have transportation?  Don't worry!  We will happily pick you up and return you to your hotel anywhere on the West side of Grand Cayman Island from George Town and along Seven Mile Beach.

Our dive boat was designed with your comfort in mind, and with a maximum of only 6 divers. We run our boat with a ‘’one-up, one-down’’ policy where one crew member will happily guide you on your deep and shallow dives while the other stays topside to ensure your safety and help you in and out of the water.

We know the best sites for Grand Cayman Diving; and run our dive trips on the West and North sides of Grand Cayman, wherever the conditions are best throughout the year. We also offer guided NIGHT DIVES at one of Grand Cayman Island's best shore dives - Turtle Reef!  We strive to give you the best Scuba Diving of your trip to Grand Cayman!


Meet The Crew!

CALL OR E-MAIL US TODAY AT  1-345-547-5699 OR info@happyfishdivers.com 


Scott  scott@happyfishdivers.com


Scott started Diving in 1987 in Michigan. He has dove all over the United States and the Caribbean, including all of the Great Lakes, Florida, Most of the Bahamas & Eluthras, St. Martin, Honduras, & Most of Mexico.

It has always been Scott's passion to own and operate a scuba diving company. Scott is a Open Water Scuba Instructor. After diving with Happy Fish Divers in 2010, Scott and the previous owner John Gage started talking about Scott purchasing the company. The purchase was complete in September of 2012. "After diving with Happy Fish Divers in the Cayman Islands I realized that not only was this some of the best diving in the world but the company and staff's motto " Safety & Service" were a perfect fit for a company that I would be proud to be a part of"

Shaggy  shaggy@happyfishdivers.com


Shaggy has been diving since 1995, becoming certified in his home state of Missouri.  Deciding diving was the career for him, and following a move to Florida, Shaggy was certified as a PADI Instructor in 1997.  Later that year, he sought warmer waters and found his new home in Grand Cayman.  He quickly became an institution for diving in Cayman with his unmatched familiarity of the reef and marine life, and happily joined Happy Fish Divers in April 2010.

Esin  esin@happyfishdivers.com


Esin comes from Turkey (not the bird!), but is a true world nomad.  Her passion for travel took her on a trail of adventure and mischief on four continents, until she finally discovered the marvels that lie under water.  After years of bumming around in Europe and leading tour groups for travel companies in the Middle East, Morocco and China, her addiction to diving made her hang her backpack up to gather dust in a tiny island of Thailand.

Since becoming an instructor, she has been turning other travelers into divers in Turkish, English, Spanish, French and German.  Her travels have now landed her in Cayman, where her love of diving and teaching fits right into the Happy Fish family. She is a Certified Padi Scuba Instructor as well as an Emergency First Response Instructor. 

Todd Shipster Photo.jpg

Hailing from Johannesburg South Africa. Todd first learned diving and was certified at the very young age of 10 years old while on vacation with his parents and sister on the island of Mauritius (A small Island in the Indian Ocean off the coast of Madagascar), Which for all of us geographically impaired is a big island off of the Eastern coast of South Africa.  Todd was Instantly hooked on Diving and decided that "Office hours and Desks were not for him!!"  After a Yacht Master course Todd was told to get his Dive Master Certification and  never thinking he would Dive professionally, went for it and fell in love with Teaching! Ever since then Todd conquered his Instructor Course, Emergency First Responder Course, Open Water Instructor course as well as his Master Scuba Diver Trainer Course. After working for a year and a half at a Mattress factory Todd had saved enough to take up the travelers ways!! These ways Led him to Grand Cayman and Happy Fish Divers! Where he has not looked back since!

Todd Shipster
OWSI #301742


It is with sadness that we say farewell to the creator and heart of Happy Fish Divers, John Gage.  In the fall of 2012, John made the tough decision to pursue other opportunities back in the US.  We are very sad to see him go and forever grateful for all he did for Happy Fish Divers.  We will continue to uphold the standards and unmatched learning environment that John made essential to the Happy Fish Divers experience.

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